Frequently Asked Questions

What are the colours and materials available?

Silver Lining Tombstones has given our clients the option to purchase any granite tombstone or our from our technically advanced composite rage.
Any customized granite tombstone is available to make, just send us a clear picture and your needs, we will provide a quote.
Our technically advanced composite range has 3 standard colours: Black, Grey and Red – no additional charges.
Should you wish to purchase a custom colour for example white, cream or any other colour of your choice additional charges will be for your expense.

We also have optional extras available, please see our Products page for more information on extra options and pricing.

Can I lay buy?

Yes you can lay buy
If you pay over 2 months you can qualify for discount. Any lay-buy payments stretching from 3 to 12 months, no discount will be given.

What is the procedure to purchase a Silver Lining Tombstone?
  1. Selection of your product or products?
  2. Quotation and estimation on product, transport and installation.
  3. Client to sign quotation as well as our terms and conditions. (please make link to our terms and conditions page.)
  4. Installations will commence 21 days after last payment was received.
What payment methods are accepted?

You can purchase your tombstone via cash, internet bank transfer, credit or debit card (we have a speed point facility within our showroom, please see contact details with directions)

Silver Lining Tombstones
Account no: 1130861244
Branch code: 151745
Reference: Your name and surname

To which areas do you travel?

We are based in Pretoria, but we can install a tombstone any where in South Africa, at the cost of R3.25 p/km from factory to destination and back to factory.

For example if you want a tombstone installed in Soweto, it will be 92 km x 2 x R2.75 = R506.00 delivery cost

Does Silver Lining Tombstones provide any other services?

For time being our only service is the selling of tombstones, installation of tombstones and delivery of tombstones purchased at Silver Lining Tombstones