Our Mission

We specifically chose the name Silver Lining Tombstones due to the common expression, because it means that even when you are feeling down and sad on the outward, we want to accentuate the hopeful side of your circumstances.  The common expression “every cloud has a “silver lining” means that even at the worst events or situations in your life there will always be some positive aspects to it, you just need to find it and have gratitude in your heart for all that remains which are still beautiful.

It is our mission statement to be transparent, true, honest and open with all our clients.  We will guide you through the process of choosing the right memorial for your to dearly departed loved one.  As there will be a colossal amount of preparation and planning to be taken into consideration when death enters, we will stand by your side and assist you to the best of our ability and provide you with value for your money worth.  Leaving you with a smile, every time you think of your departed loved one’s sent off & unveiling.


It is a superlative lifetime investment!!!